"When I touched darcy I felt a sense of calmness and all that built up of years of fear seemed to have disappeared a little . I would never thought in a million years I would ever get up close to a horse . Each time I've came away I feel a sense of freedom from my fear im proud of myself . Being outside and in the environment of calmness I went home and got my head stuck into my studies I felt relaxed with in myself and had a new confidence within me"


"I thoroughly enjoyed the aromatherapy today it was though my awareness increased and the ponies completely relaxed me. With your guidance I felt in tune with the horses and myself. I felt like a witch or a healer mixing magic potions out in the wild. Loved it and can't wait till next session"


"The aromatherapy session with the horses is one of the most memorable things I have done. It was such a great experience to know I had helped the horses however on reflection I think I gained just as much as the horses did from it. Such a wonderful, fun and relaxing hour"


"I felt a sense of protection the horse comforted me when I was emotionally vulnerable"


"It allowed the young person to really get in touch with how they feel without being judged"


"I really enjoyed the sessions and being around the horses is very calming"

F. (age 14)

"During and after each of the sessions over the past few days K was noticeably calmer and more at ease, both with herself and others. Even her voice, often strident, was softer and slower paced. She seemed to sleep more soundly and seemed happier and better balanced and grounded"


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