What is Equine Assisted Learning?

Equine assisted learning is a way of helping individuals achieve their goals through interaction with horses.  Many more people are now able to benefit from the opening of a number of EAQ Approved equine assisted learning centres.  Children, young people and adults have the opportunity to engage in learning through participating in therapeutic activities with horses.  There is no riding involved and the horses are carefully chosen so that they are safe to handle and be around.

Who can benefit from this approach?

Children and young people who have:

Difficulties with traditional schooling

•Special educational needs

•Poor literacy and numeracy skills

•Learning difficulties

Corporate clients who would like to improve:

•Leadership and management skills

•Team building

•Communication skills


Anyone who would like to:

•Increase self confidence

•Raise self esteem

•Improve communication skills

Adults who would like to:

•Change established behaviour patterns such as drug and alcohol dependency

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