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Straight from the horse's mouth...

I’ve learned that I’m very good at socialising with people who have the same issues as me.

It is so peaceful and the dogs are fun mixed with the horses, it’s so friendly too.

I feel I have found a new way to deal with my problems.  I also feel I have become better at talking to new people and interacting with my friends.

I felt that my confidence has changed when around other people.  I’ve noticed my attitude with certain people have calmed down, especially teachers at school, it feels good.

My mum is more proud of me

I calm myself down more.  I’m not the gangster anymore.  I’m noticing my behaviour from the past and I try not to react to others by being aggressive

At the end of the course I feel sad as it is so much fun here.

  • I learned that if I helped a horse be happy and overcome it's fears, it made me happy because I know I helped it.

  • I’ve learned I like myself more, I’ve learned to love who I am. At Darcy's I feel like I can be myself and not have to pretend to be somebody else.

  • Observing the herd of horses, looking after the fields and collecting and cooking hen’s eggs, these things make me feel good and I can cope at school and home better.

  • When I’m at Darcy’s I’m more relaxed, especially when the horses are relaxed – because they are happy and safe. We are happy and safe too.

  • My attitude has changed towards other people and teacher’s, I’m more calm talking to them.

  • When at Darcy’s I feel more free to do stuff rather than feel confined to do stuff that other people want me to do.

  • Here you build new skills, things you would never do if you didn’t come here.

  • I feel more relaxed when at Darcy’s.

  • I go to bed early so that I can get up on time to come here.

  • I have more self-confidence, I used to have panic attacks going to school,  the horses have helped with that.

  • I loved the experience.

  • Halfway through the course I became more confident, I knew the horses knew me more and I started to do more things.

  • I have learned so much through this course.  It has helped my confidence and self esteem, I have loved it.

  • I feel like I am able to talk to people more and speak and interact with my friends.

  • Getting to know people that I didn’t know, I’ve learned that I have more confidence than I thought.

  • Being here has brought up my confidence a lot more.

  • I’ve learned to talk to other people a lot better than what I used to.

Looking after the other animals helps me to understand different things and that helps me understand different people.

On the day I attend Darcy’s my sleep improves.

Quotes from learners , June 2018

Darcy is massive, so handling an animal that big makes some other things seem easier.

I feel good because I am getting a qualification for doing something I like.

I loved every session being here whether it was raining or scorching hot, I loved it and I have made friends with people I never even knew.

Watching the herd makes me watch what is happening all around me

Doing all this exercise is inspiring me to cycle more.

Seeing the horses make me feel happy and confident

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